Our Mission

As much as we embrace the past, we strive to pass this knowledge on to the generations that follow. This is our “Mission Statement”:

“We are a people to whom the past is forever speaking…
Far out of that dark nowhere in the time before we were born,
Men and Women who were flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone
Went through fire and storm to break a path to the future.”

“We are a part of the future they died for…”

“What they did, the lives they lived, the sacrifices
They made, the stories they told, the songs they sang, and,
Finally, the deaths they died make up a part of our own experience.”

“We will remember and set an example for those who follow.”

Clan Davidson Society of North America is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation dedicated to the preservation of the traditions and knowledge of the Great Scottish Highland Clan Davidson through our educational and charitable activities.

Join us as we sally forth on this great voyage of discovery – into our past and into our future!