Family Pedigree Archives

For whatever reason, members of CDs-NA have been slow to embrace the concept of uploading family genealogical records to our website. But this is now changing! It started in early Jun2, 2018 when Ms. Connie Spurlock kindly provided selected abstracts from the published Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files as published in 1990 by Virgil D. White.  Then, boom, out of nowhere, Gary Davidson dropped a true family genealogical magnum opus on the Society. Comments and links to the relevant documents follow. Hopefully, others will soon offer their own contributions..

  1. Submission by Ms. Connie Spurlock, June 2018: Most of the information in these abstracts is pertinent to many of the surnames associated with Clan Davidson.  We thank Connie for her efforts and sincerely encourage others to submit their family information as well. Contact the Sennachie for details on how to go about this. Click on this link to access this PDF-formatted document:   Selected Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files
  2. Submission by Gary Paul Davidson, June 2018: An American Adventure 1630 – 2017… Every Life Leaves a Legacy. This PDF formatted document is actually a 254-page story of one man’s efforts to write the story of his life and those of his predecessors. It is readable, engaging and a joy to read! Read just the two introductions and you’ll be hooked! A great effort by a man who wanted to pass on to his children and grandchildren their ancestral legacy… An American Adventure – Every Life Leaves a Legacy