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Jenn Linn Genealogist 2This Genealogical Query function is both a labor of love and a profession for CDS-USA Volunteer Jenn Linn. Jenn has volunteered to help any active member in CDS-USA with problems they may incur after they get started with their archeological digging, regardless of their surname. Heretofore, the only genealogical help CDS-USA was able to render the membership was access to the Davidson/Davison DNA Project. Now, this has changed.

While it’s impossible for Jenn to undertake doing a complete and in-depth genealogical Project on a volunteer basis (after all, she has her own clients on a professional Project basis already underway), she can offer tips, hints, places to dig further, and other similar assistance to those already on their way who may have hit a road block. That’s what this Query Form is all about. Send a note to Jenn telling her what your road-block issues are and let’s see where this will take you.

If anyone wishes to discuss a more thorough exploration into their roots on a professional Project basis, you can also use this Query Form to establish a line of communication with Jenn outside the umbrella of CDS-USA. Either way, we’re delighted to provide this enhanced genealogical service (i.e. on a volunteer basis or on a professional basis) to all members of CDS-USA!

Every effort will be made to respond to your query within 48 hours.

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