Tent Convener Support

A message from John Dawson, President, Clan Davidson Society of North America:

Tent Conveners (TC) are the Davidson Clansmen that host our Clan Davidson Highland Games tents. They are more often than not the face of our Society to many of our prospective members. TC’s are the work horses of our Society and most of us get our initial introduction to Clan Davidson, its history, Scottish history in general, our Society and even their ties to the Clan through them. The TC is an appointed officer of our Society and for first-time visitors and a large portion of our membership, the only officer they’ll see on a regular basis. A TC’s hospitality, joy in the Clan and general openness is the catalyst that makes CDS-NA work. A CDS-NA tent is many things to different people and our TC’s make that possible.

Loch Norman Highland Games 2004

Loch Norman Highland Games 2004

Clan tents at any given event become the reunion place for friends that may not see each other outside that one event, but reacquaint every year. These friends will sit at a Clan tent and catch up on the past year like it was the past few weeks. This can and has happened — watching Clansmen’s children grow to adulthood and even seeing those children have children. There is a bond that is developed between Clansmen and those bonds can be life-long forged and never forgotten… and it’s a Clan Tent Convener that made it possible.

Clan Tent Conveners are appointed by the President of the Clan Davidson Society of North America. It is the policy of Clan Davidson Society NA to help our Tent Conveners to the greatest extent possible. Organizational improvements, legal incorporation and recognition by the Federal Internal Revenue Service in 2009 have made it just a bit easier for our Conveners to perform their duties financially. Under the provisions of the IRS Code dealing with Charitable Contributions, reasonable expenses for travel, lodging, and per-diem are now tax-deductible. For more information on this topic, get the current IRS publication regarding Charitable Expenses.

Anyone acting as a duly Authorized Clan Tent Convener will, of course, need the pertinent documentation to properly claim any legitimate expenses as a charitable contribution. Here is a link  for a copy of our IRS 501 (c) (3) Exemption Letter . 

And, lastly, here is a link for a copy of out Tent Conveners Guide Book Jan 2016

This page is dedicated to those who man our tents. If you think you may have an interest in becoming active in the operation of the Clan Society, please contact me and open a discussion about it. Always remember, this is your Clan Davidson Society. Ask Questions! Get involved! Have fun!