Clan Davidson International Gathering Products

The Clan Davidson International Gathering (CDIG) will be an exciting and almost mystical event at which Davidson Clansmen from around the world will have an opportunity to connect or reconnect with their ancestral cousins.

We saw this happen in 2011 when we had our first CDIG in Kansas City, and we have every reason to believe this second CDIG will be even more magical than the first. Our Clan Chief, Grant Guthrie Davidson and his wife Brenda, will make the trek from New Zealand for their first official visit to North America, just for this event.

But, these events take work, volunteers, years of planning, and, of course, money to bring all this effort together and make the magic happen. This is where our Patron Packages, Memorabilia & Dinner Ticket sales come into play.

We have spent hundreds of hours combing the potential memorabilia items available and have put together an impressive array of goods which should be attractive to all Davidson Clansmen.

Please keep in mind, as you look at this catalog, that we are actively doing our best to raise the funds needed so that our beloved Clan will make itself proud of our accomplishments, make our Chief proud that he has some of the finest descendants of the Scots and Clansmen in his flock, and, maybe the most important of all, have a great time in the doing of it!

So, please be generous in your choices! Please note that we are requiring you to pre-order and pre-pay for your Patron Packages and/or memorabilia items and event tickets. This will allow us to keep our prices as low as possible. Your orders will be available for pickup at the CDIG with no shipping costs added, or shipped to your home in mid-May, 2017 with shipping costs added. You will see these delivery options for each sales-item on our website or on a hard-copy order sheet. For those who do not doing business via the internet, click one of the links immediately below to download a full color catalog with a snail mail order sheet, or just the order sheet if that’s all you need.

Full Color Memorabilia Catalog with Mail-in Order Sheet

For more details about  how to save a bunch of money on shipping if you can’t attend the CDIG, click SHIPPING NOTES HERE.

NOTE: Links to Patron Packages are below.