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Clan Davidson Society

ofNorth America

Clan Motto:

“Wisely If Sincerely” (traditional)
“With Sincerity Comes Wisdom” (Modern)

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Online Membership & Renewal Form

Online Membership & Renewal Form

Here are the prices on different areas:

US $20.00 - US $300.00
CAD $25.80 - CAD $387.00

NEW MEMBERS: Please fill in the following information to the extent you are able. ALL fields with a tiny asterisk ( * ) to the right of the field must be completed.

CURRENT/FORMER MEMBERS Renewal: ALL fields with a tiny asterisk ( * ) to the right of the field must be completed.

Please note: All communications from CDS-NorAm to the members are via electronic means.

New Members will receive a NEW MEMBER PACKET via email within one to two weeks after receipt of dues payment.

Membership dues are payable on an annual basis on the anniversary of your initial membership date. Renewal notices are sent by email. Dues may be paid ahead for multiple years using the number field at the bottom of the form, just above the “Register” button. Dues can be paid  electronically (Checkout) or by check via snail mail to Elaine Davidson (Treasurer), 235 Fairmont Drive, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659, USA

Annual dues (USD), $20/year Individual or Family (at same mailing address); Lifetime, $300 [NOTE: For Canadian residents, dues in CAD will be displayed when you check-out]

Questions about membership information should be sent to Membership Registrar

All personal information is confidential.


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