Membership & Renewal

While some Scottish Clan Societies are very restrictive in determining who they will allow to join their group, we in CDS-USA think that’s a pretty silly, sectarian and very outdated way of looking at this issue. Most Americans whose families have been in North America for even a few generations have mixed ethnicity in their respective gene pools. We feel that the Highland genes of the Davidsons and their septs are very strong, and if the information you find on our website makes your temperature rise and your heart beat more strongly and quickly, then you will probably find that joining the Society is the right thing for you to do. If not, then we thank you for giving us a look-see and be assured that you’ll always be welcomed back in the future.

The following information is taken directly from the bylaws of the Clan Davidson Society of North America:

Membership in the Society is open to any person regardless of ethnic origin, religious affiliation, sex, or age, who is interested in Scottish Cultural affairs as they relate to the Great Scottish Highland Clan Davidson. There shall be only one form of membership in the Society and that is a “regular” membership. A regular membership is defined as a “member household”. The “member household” shall consist of the primary adults and their dependents, if any.  All individuals above the age of eighteen (18) residing in a “member household” shall be  entitled to hold elected offices or appointed offices.

Membership dues in CDS-USA is $20 per year per “member household”. You will be reminded by email when your dues are up for renewal. Dues can be paid ahead for as many years as you would like.

There is also a Lifetime Membership available for $300.

Benefits of Membership:

CDS-USA Members-In-Good-Standing receive two issues (electronically distributed via email) of the Society’s award-winning newsletter per year (see Newsletter Page), and have the right to vote in any election open to the membership and have the privilege of being considered for elected or appointed officership in the Society.

EXISTING MEMBERS can also renew their membership dues by clicking on the link, below.

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