The Clan

Clan Motto: Sapienter si sincere (From the Latin:  Traditional translation: Wisely If Sincerely; Modern translation: With Sincerity Comes Wisdom)

Gaelic Name: MacDhaibhidh

Clan Plant Badge: Red Whortleberry (Link)

Our Chief: Grant Guthrie Davidson, 3rd of Davidston resides in New Zealand.

Clan Davidson is a Great Scottish Highland Clan with roots which go back to at least the 14th Century. It is believed that the Clan originated in the valley of the Spey River between the Cairngorm Mountains to the south and east and the Monadhliath Mountains to the north and west. The modern-day Scottish towns of Kingussie, Newtonmore and Avimore are located in the heart of the ancient Clan Davidson lands.

Clan Davidson is rich in the history of the Scottish Highlands, sharing in Scotland’s triumphs and defeats. But… Clan Davidson is not an entity which has faded into the dust of history past… indeed, the Clan is very much alive and its influence has spread to the four corners of the Earth.


The Global presence of modern Clan Davidson has its manifestation in four formal organizations: the Clan Davidson Association in United Kingdom; the Clan Davidson Society in the United States of America; the Clan Davidson Society in Australia; and the Clan Davidson Society in New Zealand. Of these four, the Clan Davidson Society (USA) is the longest continuously active organization in existence since its birth in the late 1970s. CDA-UK was first organized in the early 20th century, but was long dormant until its resurrection in the mid-1980s. CDS-AUS followed in the later part of the 1980s and CDS-NZ came along in the late 1990s.

Regardless which of the four organizations you may seek affiliation with, we’re all Davidsons under the skin of our national origins. We share the same traditions and history and enjoy a warm collegial relationship with many strong international friendships springing up.

Feel free to continue your voyage of discovery into your own Davidson ancestry as you wend your way through these pages of information about Clan Davidson and the Clan Davidson Society (USA).

Welcome home to Clan Davidson!