Battles of Invernhaven And Perth – 1300s

Scottish Warrior Artwork - TaylorThere has long been a standing controversy concerning Clan Davidson and its involvement in the famous “judicial” Battle of the North Inch of Perth in 1396. Starting in 2009, Matthew Dawson, a member of the Clan Davidson Society (USA) and a Ph.D candidate in archeology, became very interested in this period of the Clan’s history and really did his homework. What follows is the result of his investigations.

The following article first appeared in the July, 2010 edition of the CDS newsletter, The Sporran.

Introductory comments are by the newsletter’s editor, Sennachie, Dave Chagnon.

Quite a while ago (sometimes it seems like a few decades or so) I began to correspond with a kindred spirit out in Albuquerque NM. The young lad is a budding archeologist and sometimes answers to the name of Matthew Dawson. Matt is also a close companion with other Davidson Clansmen with whom he regularly rubs elbows at the Long’s Peak Highland Games in Colorado.

Matt and I corresponded a bit and found we had much in common – a taste for fine brewed beverages, a love for the wearin’ o’ the Davidson kilt, and a passion for history. This led to Matt’s telling me of his coming across some information concerning the long-standing Davidson fairy-tale otherwise known as the Battle of the North Inch of Perth, circa 1396. I pointed out this myth had already been put to bed with the publishing of the Clan Davidson History by the Clan Davidson Association (UK) in 2005. Matt asserted he had come across new material which bolstered the findings of the CDA-UK History Committee and stated he’d like to write up his thoughts on the matter for The Sporran. Who am I to turn down an offer like that?!?

Matt’s story began growing – and growing – and groooowing… at first I thought about serializing this veritable magnum opus; but no, it was a really great article, far too fine to break into pieces. So here it is at loooooong last, Matt Dawson’s academic tretise on the Battle of the North Inch of Perth.

Please note that Matt’s footnotes are listed at the end of the article.