Battles of Invernhaven And Perth – 1300s

Photos courtesy of Rob Diehl (Reg. 16) and Jim Hensley (Reg. 7)


1 – This has been generally submitted by the National Trust for Scotland, though you will also find the specific date of October 23, 1396 in print. It is important to note that neither of these dates has been confirmed.

2 – Having 30 men to a side

3 – Based on Sir Walter Scott, The Fair Maid of Perth (1828)

4 – At this time already having been somewhat erroneously transliterated by Mackintosh of Kinrara (ca. 1700)

5 – See the CDA-UK publication The Davidsons: The Clan, its History, and its People – discussed, in part, in the January, 2010  issue of The Sporran.

6 – There are, not surprisingly, multiple variations of the spelling of this name. The author uses the variant most commonly found in print during his research.

7 – The “right wing” was the position of honor and valor – the first to charge.

8 – These latter versions between the Clans Cameron or Kay and Quehle are quite interesting because they obviously do not involve the Davidsons or any other member of Clan Chattan at all. The significance of this is explored below.

9 – Specifically pages 40-47.

10 – The CDA-UK publication details and reiterates this superbly.

11 – This has been debated by scholars who claim that the Clan Chattan Confederation was not formed until the “band of mutual friendship” and protection in 1397 – after the battle at the North Inch. However, most records indicate that the “Clanchattan” existed  and included several clans and prominent families prior to Invernahavon who were later listed formally in the “Bond of Union” of the 16th century. In most instances, these clans also recognized the Chiefship of MacIntosh from early on.

12 – In its earlier, non-Anglicized, form, of course.

13 – According to Allison a host of over 1,000 to each side of the Clans Cameron and Chattan Confederation faced off over an unidentified stream, hurling insults and waving weapons, but in the end, the two armies came together and proclaimed themselves friends, making oaths and exchanging weapons in promise of unity against the Auld Foe – Killiecrankie was fought later that same year.

14 – In fact, some of them state the Clan were of considerable number even leading up to the beginnings of the Wars of Independence of the 17th Century.

15 – The mention of at least one Davidson left in the number of the victors after the Battle of the North Inch is supported textually in a couple of places, but there is no definitive documentation to be found as proof. Of course, there’s nothing definitive in the history books that George Washington ever chopped down a cherry tree or never lied, either!

16 – It can also be inferred from and supported by the CDA-UK publication

17 – Anyone in regular contact with the Sennachie should ask him to pronounce the two, and you’ll see what these historians mean.

18 – We can also note that Chattan is not in debate for the NTS, so that further solidifies the argument.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]