The Chief

Chief “Jock” was born in 1926 in a small town called Dargaville on the North Island of New Zealand. His father was a sheep and cattle farmer. He attended a small country school until the age of 12 and then attended a boarding school.

In 1943 he was drafted into the Royal New Zealand Air Force and served as an aircraft mechanic during World War Two. He spent 18 months in the Pacific Theatre alongside American troops. After the war he joined a firm that specialized in the importation and sales of engineering supplies, where he stayed until his retirement in 1984.

Upon his elevation to the Chiefship in 1998, Jock sent out the following message to his Clansmen the world over.

“The Davidson Clan is very much alive. I believe that our children will derive a great deal of pleasure, particularly later in life, if they are made aware of their family background early in their lives. I am sure society members are aware of this from their own experiences and by encouraging the young to participate in Clan activities we will ensure the future growth and continuing interest in Clan affairs.”

Jock, always accompanied by Mary, was very active in the affairs of the Clan for the remainder of his life. He and Mary traveled to North America, Australia and the United Kingdom overseeing the state of his “flock” and where ever they set foot, they left a lasting and much loved imprint and memories.

Sadly, Jock passed away on Boxing Day (December 26th), 2014.

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