Charitable Activities

The Clan Davidson Society is an officially recognized IRS-classified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable and educational corporation (USA only). As befits our status, the Executive Committee with the advice and concurrence of the Board of Directors has created a new Presidentially-appointed Executive position, that of Director of Charitable Activities.

Matt Dawson May 2010It gives us great pleasure to announce that Matthew Dawson of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been appointed to fill this position.

Here is how Matt describes his vision of how he will meet the responsibilities of his new role within CDS-USA:

I see the role of Director of Charitable Activities as an office that can help facilitate good will to our fellow clansmen and clanswomen and to outside organizations, and to foster the continued growth of our heritage through charitable donations and other means of support. I do, on the latter note, want to recognize that there are many types of charities, and that charity need not always come in the form of dollars and cents. Aside from the organization of fund collections, this office might be used to organize relief in areas of the CDS-NorAm’s boundaries – in the form of local recruitment to help rebuild a roof or retile a floor, for example. We are a Clan, and Clan means family – you help your family in whatever ways you can!

Of course, there will be those activities to aid a Davidson cause or a cause deemed worthy outside of the CDS-NorAm where I might call upon you to donate a guinea or twa’, though always within the parameters of our Articles of Incorporation. However, I do promise that I will not plead for every cause under the sun. I will, nevertheless, make it my duty to inform the CDS-NorAm of opportunities to support our collective heritage, its awareness, and its propagation, inside and outside of our own numbers. I see this as a duty to the Scottish community and to Clan Davidson’s responsibilities within it.

Here is my “Plan of Action:”

To research, investigate, and validate opportunities for charitable activities through or on behalf of the CDS-NorAm.

To list opportunities to CDS-NorAm Members for providing aid or charity, the type(s) sought, deadlines, and benefits.

To maintain that list and keep it current, and to make regular report of the respective status and outcome of represented charities.

To facilitate transfer of funds and delivery of receipts, and to serve as liaison between the charity, donor, recipient, and Treasurer.

To act as “clearinghouse” for the CDS-NorAm’s ideas and to discuss them openly and honestly with all parties concerned.

To report on all causes to the Governing Body of the CDS-NorAm and to its Membership at Large.

If you are a member of CDS-NorAm and have a suggestion for a suitable activity to receive support from the Society, contact the Director of Charitable Activities at the Officer Contact Information Page in the CDS-NorAm Website Members Only Section.

To see a list of currently supported charities and to make a contribution, please go to Charities Currently Being Supported.