Clan Davidson International Gathering – 2017

June 2nd through June 4, 2017

Come, meet your Clan Chief, Grant Guthrie Davidson, 3rd of Davidston!!

Chief Grant and Wife Brenda

             Chief Grant and Wife Brenda

In just a few short months, this signal event will be kicked-off in the lovely rolling hills of South Central Kentucky, hard by the shores of the beautiful Barren River Lake on the grounds of the Barren River State Resort Park. Come, meet our new Chief, Grant Guthrie Davidson, 3rd of Davidston, Chief of the Name and Arms of Clan Davidson. Accompanying Grant (as he prefers) will be his lovely wife Brenda. Together, they will represent our great Clan Davidson as the Guests of Honor for the 32nd Annual Glasgow Highland Games (GHG). The dates are June 2nd through June 4th, 2017. It is recommended you arrive on Thursday, June 1st, 2017, to get the lay of the land and rested up for the activities that commence on Friday.

This will be only the second Clan Davidson International Gathering (CDIG II) held in the New World, and we’re incorporating much of what we learned the first time at the Kansas City Highland Games in 2011. While our first CDIG was so located that it represented the perfect place to hold such a gathering (lodgings, event venues, airport location, and so forth), CDIG II represents a bit of a challenge to those of us who are the event planners and those of you who will be attending this event. Here are the most relevant chunks of information you’ll need to plan your attendance to meet the Chief and his wife and enjoy rubbing (bending?) your elbows with your fellow Clansmen at the festivities we have planned for CDIG II. To get an idea of what goes on at such an event, take a look at the CDS-NorAm newsletter for July ’11 which documents the first CDIG HERE.

Please note: While the Clan Davidson Society of North America is the sponsoring organization behind the CDIG II, membership in the Society is NOT necessary to participate in this event. ANY person with an interest or connection to the Great Scottish Clan Davidson is welcome to attend all of the activities planned for the CDIG. After all, our Chief, Grant, is Chief of the Names and Arms of Clan Davidson, not exclusively the CDS-NorAm. If you want to meet the Chief of Clan Davidson, this is the time to do it – plus, meeting a bunch of your fellow Clansmen and have a super great time in the doing of it!

And, please note… since our Chief and his wife are coming all the way from New Zealand to be with us, it’s only a common courtesy to help defray the cost of their loooong journey. Now up and ready for business, our website’s CDIG Shopping Store is offering a great selection of event memorabilia for your consideration. Even better, you can help support this worthy endeavor by becoming a Patron of the International Gathering. Each of the 4 levels of Patronage will contain items selected from dinner tickets,  various items of memorabilia, selected years worth of membership dues in CDS-NorAm, a custom-made event name tag, special recognition in the event program, and so much more. The Patron Packages are available on the CDIG II Shopping Store Your help to your Clan will be greatly appreciated!

Event Organizer, Dave Chagnon    Email to Dave    (501) 416-7532

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Hope to see y’all there!